The promise essay

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The promise essay

The promise essay

Time for a reset in our thinking about higher education. Three-quarters of the enrollment growth would come from attracting new students into higher education.

These institutions could face declines in enrollment that would account for the remaining quarter of the increase in public college enrollments. Even more alarming, nearly a third of four-year for-profits graduated no students on time. For the last seven years, President Obama, former U.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and current U. Secretary of Education John King have worked to help students manage their college debt by providing opportunities to repay it by working in local, state or national nonprofit organizations.

They The promise essay have introduced more generous income-based repayment plans. And these opportunities are paying off -- both for the students and for our economy. Recently, we learned that nearlystudent loan borrowers registered their work with employers that qualify them for Public Service Loan Forgiveness and a quarter of borrowers were repaying their loans through the William D.

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Ford Direct Loan Program, using one of several income-based repayment plans. The latest research studies confirm that student loans negatively impact home and auto purchases as well as small businesses and family formation. In retrospect, we have all contributed to the growth in student loans.

When direct federal support to students was introduced with the GI Bill in the s, it fueled a sustained era of national prosperity that only a prolonged and unproductive war brought to an end. Through the s, students from a low- or moderate-income family could afford to go to a public college and take on no debt.

These institutions were affordable because taxpayers supported low tuition -- including tuition-free community colleges in many states -- and need-based grants like Pell Grants and State Student Incentive Grants. The combination of an increasingly educated workforce, with little debt to hold us back, fueled economic prosperity.

Students and families increasingly took out loans to pay for a college education. Under FCRA, the lifetime costs of federal loans -- not just student loans -- are recognized and paid for in the year in which the loan is made. The lifetime cost of federal student loans are measured by discounting the expected future cash flows associated with the loan to a present value at the date the loan is disbursed.

From a federal budgeting perspective, the FCRA made it cheaper to make loans to students than give them grants. Today, students who graduate without any college debt still reap great economic benefit from a higher education, but they are a shrinking share of graduates. Today, nearly three-quarters of students graduating from four-year private nonprofit colleges have borrowed for their undergraduate education.

The students who graduate without debt get all the rewards of pursuing a higher education with none of the risks associated with the debt or making bad choices, like being lured into college by predatory for-profit providers or enrolling in academic fields that lack substantial economic returns.

For everyone else, it is an enormous gamble. For those with debt and no degree, the prospects are the worst.

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Those who drop out receive none of the rewards of pursuing a college education while they took on all of the risks from being out of the labor market and taking on student loans.

For those with large amounts of debt who successfully completed a degree program, it largely is a question of the quality of the credential and the field of study. For everyone else, it depends. It depends on decisions about where to go to college and what to study that an year-old -- or year-old -- makes with no ability to predict the future and, despite the best efforts of the Obama administration to develop and publish data on labor market outcomes, less than perfect information.

But the nation and every state benefit from the cumulative impact of higher levels of educational attainment. So, if we must talk about making America stronger together -- or greater again, depending on your political persuasion -- we must make higher education free again.

As a society, we pay for what we value. So, do we want to be known as a society that values war more than peace, prison more than education?Do you need help with your college assignments?

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The promise essay

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