Setting realistic holiday expectations essay

It seems to start just a little bit earlier each year. And the opportunities to wear kids out with the excitement of the season are endless. While the holiday season can be tons of fun for kids of all ages, it can also be completely exhausting.

Setting realistic holiday expectations essay

In fact, holidays can be a time of increased sadness, pressure, and stress. We find ourselves trying to create the Norman Rockwell portrait of a perfect Thanksgiving meal or Christmas day and end up feeling let down, disappointed, and overwhelmed.

Kenneth Johnson, a psychiatrist at Columbia St. I see families stressing over the perfect gift, the perfect dinner, rushing from Christmas programs to parties, from house to house, squeezing in a candlelight service before rushing home to get the last minute gifts wrapped.

Instead of rushing from one event to the next, what if we slowed down and spent time resting with those we love, truly enjoying and celebrating the holiday season? How about a family serving together at a homeless shelter in place of the traditional meal?

I think that what matters is the focus and attention of our hearts. Triggers for Holiday Depression Depression during the holidays can take many forms and have Setting realistic holiday expectations essay causes, but according to a study reported in by the Mayo Clinic, there are a few recognizable triggers.

The study finds that depression brought on or intensified by the holidays often has three trigger points: We have a tendency to expect our relationships to be perfect during the holidays.

Setting realistic holiday expectations essay

Even in Christian homes, family conflicts are intensified during this time, so be realistic about your family dynamics. If you have a tense relationship throughout the year, Thanksgiving Day may not be any different. Understanding this before the family gathering allows you time to pray and prepare yourself to extend grace to one another.

Be understanding; everyone is under increased stress, so be quick to offer forgiveness. The pressure to buy gifts, charitable opportunities at every store, holiday travel, and extra food can cause you to feel overwhelmed, hopeless, and sad.

Set a giving budget early and stick to it. Label envelopes with the name of the charity, or who the gift is for, groceries, or travel and place the budgeted amount of money in each.

Spend only what you have allotted. Give yourself permission to cut back - a small, well-thought-out gift is greatly appreciated. The shopping, parties, programs, and preparations can leave you wiped out, exhausted, and stressed. We need to be pro-active in our defense against it.

Take time for each of you to share something you are thankful for. Read the Christmas story and talk about the greatest Gift ever given. Extended families — Plan and schedule visits in advance, communicate openly about expectations, and work together to set a schedule you can all agree on.

Create an atmosphere of love and grace for your child. Negative or sad memories associated with the holidays — First, acknowledge how you feel. Sit down and allow yourself a little time to face and express your feelings and emotions, confess them to God, and allow Him to cover you in His grace and mercy.

Create a new memory by planning something different and even unexpected. Take the initiative and invite others to join you, or ask to join a family for the day. Grab a friend and do the unexpected.

Take the focus off of you — Volunteer to serve others at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. We all feel better when we help others, and showing the love of Christ to those less fortunate is a wonderful gift.

Plan — Have a shopping plan or cooking schedule. List similar gifts together and group by stores. Allot yourself a realistic timeframe to accomplish each task.

Setting realistic holiday expectations essay

Wandering mindlessly from store to store is exhausting and a waste of time. Schedule your time to purchase your groceries and cook beforehand to make your time productive.

TLC — Take a little time each day for yourself and do something you truly enjoy. Sit and rest in the presence of the Father.

Let Him refresh and renew you. If you find that you are unable to work through the feelings of sadness or depression, seek prayer from a trusted friend, consult your physician, or got to your pastor for guidance and help. The holidays are to be a time of joy, peace, and good-will; taking the time to set realistic expectations and re-focusing our attention on the Creator of the holiday is a good start!

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Tips for realistic holiday expectations. He shares five tips for more realistic holiday expectations, and a redefinition of what it means to have a happy holiday season. Physical activity – setting yourself goals When you're trying to become more physically active, set realistic health and fitness goals Staying fit and motivated.

SMART Goal Setting for the Holidays. No description Transcript of SMART Goal Setting for the Holidays. Specific Realistic Timely Reaching Your Holiday Goals Measurable A SPECIFIC goal is more likely to be accomplished.

Be Honest Communicate with your family both sides of expectations. Keep your distraction log and stick to it!. Great Expectations is a myriad of familial situations that not only provide background for the reader but also help develop the plot and circumstances that affect our young hero, Pip.

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