Royal commonwealth essay competition 2014

Scarce archaeological findings and early Spanish accounts from the colonial era constitute all that is known about them. Some scholars suggest their settlement dates back about 4, years. The Arcaico and Igneri co-existed on the island between the 4th and 10th centuries.

Royal commonwealth essay competition 2014

It must be Soviet Union and the Allies. This sounds just right. Worse, it would have limited the Allied ability to advance, requiring different parts already in the field, fuel for the Shermans to run with the added weight, and secondary supply logistics to run the extra supplies which means that you have trim down in other supplies being transported.

Force that cannot be used is Force wasted. The Tiger tank broke down far too often.


Its fuel requirements meant that it had limited range from the railroad tracks and was therefore useless in the field for much of the war. As the article notes, the greatest factor in tank-to-tank battles was determined by who was Defender vs Attacker: Dug-in Vs Charging but vulnerable.

Already-in-position-to-fire Vs Trying-to-get-in-position-to-fire First-to-see, First-to-fire Vs Looking-for-the-enemy and Waiting for his first shots to reveal himself.

The Officers were apparently just happy to count the burnt or captured hulks and call it a day most of the time, leaving future historians wondering whether the tanks on both sides were destroyed by mines, mechanical breakdown, cannibalism, enemy action, or post-action destruction. And the Officers were right.

As it is, history demonstrates that the Tiger tank succumbed to its deficiencies first and foremost.


Historians will have to begin with this lb gorilla in the room, if they are to be taken seriously Royal commonwealth essay competition 2014 Historic and Contemporary Military Affairs.

In fact, one variant of the Sherman, the M4A3E2, was factory-equipped this way.

Royal commonwealth essay competition 2014

But it did make the troops feel a bit better, perhaps, which is certainly worth something Nixie Some of the techniques were of little use, but welding on double thicknesses of armor plate was definitely effective. I cannot prove but strongly suspect that the obvious and continuing deficiencies of the Sherman were a result of both a conservative military mindset and a private industrial sector e.

Chrysler which was reluctant to retool and spend any more than was necessary to obtain big profits from the federal government. For probably more unbiased evaluations, I recommend the actual field reports made by the Wehrmacht troops on the ground at the time, and not so much later texts which often have a decidedly ideological and political bias.

All that being said, I find that I have the highest regard for both U. Pretty sure it holds the title for the most mass-produced tank of the war, and it caused a minor panic in the German military when it first appeared on the battlefield — the German Panther tank seems to have been built as a direct response to the T Pretty sure it holds the title for the most mass-produced tank of the war, and it seems to have caused a minor panic in the German military when it first appeared on the battlefield.

Plus the German Panther tank seems to have been built as a direct response to the T It did have great stats, but its ergonomic and visibility issues hampered performance. To be fair to the tank, Soviet tactics contributed significantly to those losses — but the Soviets received a few thousand Shermans and their crews were generally happy with them.

Robert Maybeth Your comment on the T34 was dead on — crude in the extreme, barely good enough! This meant they gave orders to the one with the radio and the others followed along like cattle. The Russians had a shortage of radio sets.

Moreover the design of the T34 was so crude, the floor of the turret did not rotate with the turret itself…So when the turret turned, the seats stayed where they were and the crew had to scootch in their seats!

Also most of the ammo was stored under the turret floor. To get to this ammo, two steel floor panels had to be removed, the heavy ammo hauled out, and the floor panels quickly replaced, or not?!

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And the electric drive for the T34 turret was usually broken meaning, the 20 ton turret got cranked by HAND…Imagine fighting with all these flaws against a German heavy tank which has you in his sights!

So even just being in a T34 was often just a recipe for instant death. Serge Krieger Still, it was T which won the war and by the way.

Germans were shocked already in when they met Ts first time and Germans military asked to copy those. Again, the war was won Soviet Ts not by Shermans which basically had similar idea behind them.

One mass-produced Sherman variant, the M tank destroyer, was armed with the M3 gun, and was fielded in quantity in the autumn of The History Man Yet another article that seems to present the only battle as one between the Germans and the USA, while the Germans were suffering massive setbacks on the Eastern front due to the superiority of numbers on the Soviet side.

Without the huge sacrifice of literally millions of Russian soldiers, the American front might have found even their large numbers of Sherman tanks were of little avail, had the Germans not been so fully engaged elsewhere.

No article about the Second World War and defeat and victory should overlook this fundamental point. I did actually mention the huge Soviet contribution in this article, though I mainly focused on the debate over the performance of the Sherman tank. Oliver Neal Ward Absolutely!

Jeremy Hsu Thanks for your comment. If you read far enough, I actually did mention the Soviet contribution in this article from both a tank development and resources standpoint, though I wanted to focus on the debate over the performance of the Sherman tank.

Nolan Scherr That was the debat… Evaris Most did not. The soviets loved the shermans, the brits liked the later models with HVSS suspension and wet ammo storage.Fifteen year old Raniya Hosain has been named the Senior Winner in the Royal Commonwealth Society’s Commonwealth Essay Competition.

Her winning entry was chosen by a panel of Commonwealth. timeline of key events in the history of education in England. On 18 April , community and business leaders will attend a civic celebration to reaffirm the values of the Commonwealth.

The prestigious dinner event, which will take place at the Mercure Blackburn Dunkenhalgh Hotel and Spa, will be hosted by the Lord-Lieutenant for Lancashire – The Rt Hon the Lord Shuttleworth KG, KCVO.

If you run a short story competition and would like me to add it to the lists below, please contact me and provide the following information.

How often you will be running the competition . The Royal Commonwealth Society invites entries for the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition The essay competition offers young people from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to make their voices heard on a global platform, to engage with issues important to them and to express their.

The theme for the Commonwealth Essay Competition is ‘Team Commonwealth‘.As athletes gather in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games, team spirit will be on display both within and between nations.

Young writers are encouraged to explore this theme in fun, academic, witty, and most of all creative ways!

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