Rescue at sea essay

The play opens with the chorus reciting a poem.

Rescue at sea essay

Starting at Miami, Florida, draw a line northeast to Bermuda. Connect these lines with a third line and you are looking at an area of ocean where hundreds of people have met tragic, unexplained death.

The Triangle of Death. The Limbo of the Lost. The Port of Missing Ships. These and more are names given to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle has a long and perilious history and can still send shivers through the bravest sailors and aviators.

Stories of strange occurences and bizarre events of the Bermuda Triangle date back as far as But then, on October 11,Columbus and a crewman saw a light over the water, but then it vanished quickly. Hours later, Columbus and his crew sighted the islands of the West Indies.

Then the disappearances began. Inthe Sea Venture disappeared of the coast of Bermuda.

Rescue at sea essay

A rescue boat was sent after it, but it disappeared as well. These were the earliest known disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

Inthree Spanish ships disappeared off the coast of North Carolina.

Rescue at sea essay

Inthe U. But not all ships vanished without a trace. Inthe French vessel Rosalie was found drifting in the Triangle. Everything on her was in place and untouched, but she was utterly abandoned. The people on the boat and one lifeboat were missing, but everything else, including personal belongings, were intact.

As the Twentieth Century rolled around, the disappearances increased. In the German vessel Freya was found in a region of the Triangle. It was listing on its side, part of its mast was damaged, and the crew were gone.

When it was long overdue days later, a massive search was launched for it that continued for a month. It was never found, nor the crew of three hundred on board. It was the largest ship in the navy. Inthe Cuban freighter, the Rubicon, disappeared near the Triangle and then reappeared with only a half starved dog on board.

Airplane travel became more common toward the mid-Twentieth Century, and flights were scheduled across the Atlantic. The most famous of all the Triangle disappearances took place in The mystery of Flight On December 5,Flight 19 left the Fort Lauderdale navy air base in Florida on a routine training mission.

It went well until the return flight. The patrol leader, Lieutenant Charles Taylor, began having strange difficulties.

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He tried to navigate by landmarks, but it was getting dark. Then a storm set in.The breeze from the Indian Ocean moved across my skin like freshly ironed silk as I stood on the fantail of the aircraft carrier looking up at the night sky.

It is an impressive sight to look upon the fires of those uncountable stars. If . In , the Sea Venture disappeared of the coast of Bermuda.

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A rescue boat was sent after it, but it disappeared as well. These were the earliest known disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. You can also order an authentic custom essay, dissertation or research paper on the Bermuda Triangle from our online custom research writing.

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