Monsoon wedding essay

Manish Gajjar It is about a stressed father, a bride-to-be with a secret, a smitten events coordinator, and relatives from around the world who create much ado about the preparations for an arranged marriage in India IMDB. They are shown frequently to portray the reality of India and give the audience a deeper understanding of cultural values and beliefs. Nevertheless, they also challenge the majority of people on their assumptions about contemporary Indian culture, as they reinforce the traditional Indian customs, whereby the modern values are also being portrayed.

Monsoon wedding essay

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Write essay on a film "Monsoon Wedding". Monsoon Wedding was a highly acclaimed movie which quite meticulously portrays the contradictions between cultural values of the family, and the self-asserting individualistic traits of the youngsters. The movie revolves around the idea of the significant impact of Western imperialism on the young generations of India, at the beginning of the 21St century Desai.

The arranged marriage is the most prevalent form of marriage in India, whereby the parents choose the bride or the groom for their offspring, Monsoon wedding essay they are obliged to spend the rest of their life with almost a stranger Ciren.

Although arranged marriage does not necessarily imply the presence of love, Aditi, the female protagonist of the movie chooses to marry the groom, arranged by her parents, Hemant, rather than continuing her affair with the love of her life, Vikram.

Monsoon wedding essay

Although, Aditi has been shown as a decisive character, she is nevertheless a knowledgeable woman, who is discreet enough to weigh the pros of arranged marriage. She knows that marrying the man her family has chosen for her, will bring less anxiety and responsibility on her shoulder, as her parents have adequately taken care of all the factors before choosing the groom.

Since the families played an important role in fixing them up, their relation will be based on a common set of beliefs, ideas and values, and hence it will demand less adjustment on part of the newlywed bride.

Although Aditi has loved Vikram only, yet she must comply with the traditional values and cultural heritage of an Indian society. People in the West, are more acquainted with the idea of love marriage, as it allows them the freedom of choice and action of choosing their life partner on their own Sharma.

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As a 21st century girl, Aditi faces a strong dilemma between two things, a strong independent spirit that strives to make free decisions in life, and a traditional spirit to stay obedient to the expectations of family and cultural communities.

However, the movie also ironically presents a grim story, where a woman like Aditi, is although conforming to the wishes of her family, yet she is unable to suppress her wishes of secretly meeting the man of her dreams, just before the night before her marriage Wilson.

The movie also revolves around the cultural conflict between traditional beliefs of the old world, and radical ideas of a progressive and westernized world.

With the spread of globalization, the young characters of the film, cease to be the obedient followers of the Indian society, and refuse to be blindly socialized. Although Aditi marries in accordance with the wish of her parents, she rejects the Indian customs of having only one man in life.

She hardly shows loyalty to her would-be husband, as she steps out of her home to meet her lover. On the one hand, despite being a 21st century man living in Texas, he remains a conservative and rigidly possessive Indian husband, but on the other hand, he is also a man influenced by Western thought, and hence prioritizes the virtues of honesty, transparency and individual freedom of expression Karena.

Wedding Customs in Monsoon Wedding | Essay Example Copy Link So many worlds stream in from every direction in Monsoon Wedding that it comes to seem as if the whole globe is converging on a single family home in New Delhi: I recognized the cool global kids trying to slip away from their families, even as a fussing, anxious father was calling his youngers idiots and fools and in one priceless coinage, Number One Most Stupid Duffer.

The wedding planner Dubey is determined enough to use a sophisticated, white tent for the wedding party, but the orthodox Lalit, discards the whole idea as extremely silly, and urged more colorful, bright fabrics to use instead. Since most of the characters are Indians, living in abroad, or have international connections, each of them speak English apart from the Indian languages and characteristic of any Diaspora, the characters show the conflict between the opposing cultural traits.

Although the movie at the end celebrates the triumph of family values and cultural norms of India, if attentively watched, it leaves sparks of repressed wishes and desires of the characters emerging from their contact with the Western culture Sharpe. The movie is being directed by Mira Nair, while the script was being written by Sabrina Dhawan, and since two women shaped the movie, the movie is being rendered a feminist perspective.

The movie at points tends to challenge and disrupt the traditional norms of female socialization. The monsoon, itself which arrives after the scorching heat of the summer, appears to be the metaphor for female sexual liberation from the authoritative forces of patriarchy.

The movie unravels the grim side of the Indian domestic tale, as Tej is accused of having molested Ria, when she has been a child Rajiva. Further, there is less hush surrounding the topic of sexual molestation, as Ria cannot be coerced into silence by the patriarchal forces of her family.

Monsoon wedding essay

Not only so, even the character of Aditi is of a woman who strongly opposes and at least attempts to challenge the conservative ideas of a patriarchal society.

She refuses to be socialized fully by a patriarchal society, as she dares to move out of her home and meet her lover.

She defies the traditional norms of a male dominated society, which controls and fixates the movement of a woman, in the name of chastity preservation.Wedding Customs in Monsoon Wedding Essay Sample.

Monsoon Wedding is a movie by Mira Nair “set in modern-day Delhi,” and falls under the interesting category of “Punjabi comedy” (Howe WE37). A Wedding in a Monsoon and a Monsoon of a Wedding Marriage is an institution that has spanned time. In India it is one of their many traditions. In India it is one of their many traditions.

It has changed lives for the better and for the worse. Essay on the movie "Monsoon Wedding" The movie "Monsoon Wedding" is quite purely about a typical Indian style wedding, showing us the random mistakes and .

Mira Nair’s movie entitled “Monsoon Wedding” is a story of family tradition that exists in Indian culture.

The directpr illustrated how Indians perceived the importance of wedding in . Nair's Techniques in film Monsoon Wedding Essay examples Words | 9 Pages. Nair's Techniques in film "Monsoon Wedding" Mira Nair directed the film 'Monsoon Wedding' with the intention of making it a Bollywood film on her own terms.

Free Essay: Monsoon wedding”(), an award winning movie, directed by mira nair. Features widely known Indian actors, such as Vasundhara Das, Naseeruddin.

Essay: Monsoon Wedding