Metaphors in a street car named desire english literature essay

This can be seen when Blanche asks Mitch to put the paper lantern over the bare light bulb. Covering the light, making it less harsh, is literally a way for Blanche to conceal the signs of her age; symbolically it expresses her desire for illusion over reality. Blanche uses light as a metaphor in a different context when she describes her feelings when she first fell in love with the man who was to become her husband. It made her see everything in life in a new context, as if a blinding light had been turned on what before had been in shadow.

Metaphors in a street car named desire english literature essay

In fact, he never told anyone about Jesus. Analysis Once again, the point of view of this story makes it unclear whether the soldier praying in the trench is the narrator himself, or another soldier that he observed. The narrator could be talking about himself in third person, which allows him to relate how he professed his faith in God, then turned his back on God once he was safe.

Because of its placement in the book, immediately after the story about Nick Adams coming home from the war, the vignette could be a memory narrated by Nick, either about himself or about someone he knew in the war. Whichever is the case, the vignette shows that men will do desperate things—will promise desperate things—when their lives are at stake.

Faith in God is handy when one is about to die, but it is not necessary when one is safe and in control. He needs to talk about them, however, and in order to get others to listen, he invents stories.


In this way he lost everything. He notices the girls in the town, most of whom grew up and became pretty while he was away, but he does not have the energy to approach any of them, make conversation, commit to a relationship.

It was much easier to be with the girls in Germany or France, for they did not speak English and ask for commitments. Krebs had not really wanted to come home from Germany. After he has been home about a month, his mother comes into his room and wakes him to tell him that his father, who has been rather distant, will allow him to take the family car out in the evenings.

She makes Harold breakfast, and as he eats he sits with his younger sister, Helen. Helen teases him for being lazy, then talks about how she is playing indoor baseball that afternoon. She would like him to come watch. Their mother shoos Helen away so she can talk to Harold.

He is embarrassed for saying this. His father, she says, believes Harold has no ambition.

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They wish he would be like Charley Simmons, who returned from the war to get a good job and get married. They expect Harold to find a job, however.

He wants Harold to meet him at his office once his talk with him mother is over. She says that she held him to her heart when he was a tiny baby. He feels sick at the thought. She insists that Harold kneel and pray with her. After he leaves, he feels sorry for her, for the way he had to lie to her.

Instead, he will go to watch Helen play baseball. All he wants is for his life to go smoothly.A street car named desire is a play about power.

How far and in what ways do you agree with this. It is a power battle between Stanley and Blanche and this is often over the control of Stella or Mitch.

In this way, the play is a study of the mysteries of human well, desire. Unlike a streetcar, which follows a predictable track, desire tends to go all over, willy-nilly, running into dead ends, then branching out into several avenues at once. A Streetcar Named Desire: Metaphor Analysis, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

Tennessee Williams was a prolific writer who published short stories, poems, essays, two novels, an autobiography, and dozens of plays. It .

Metaphors in a street car named desire english literature essay

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