Guidance services

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Guidance services

Provided by Ken Krueger, M. Ken refers to a quote from Henry David Thoreau, the famous author: As a Duke University alumnus, certified professional educator in both public and private schools, current educational consultant, and standardized test prep tutor, he insightfully and motivationally guides students with his personal, interactive, and instructive style.

See testimonialsincluding one from Mrs. Ken reminds his students constantly: Ken provides his expert advice and individual approach to each student, and encourages students and parents alike to keep things in perspective regarding the college application, admissions, and financial aid processes.

Some students may need only a few lessons, while others may need more. Questions are answered regarding homework assignments during subsequent lessons.

Guidance services

He teaches all classes by himself. Classes meet once or twice weekly as needed for 1. Financially needy students qualify for discounts.

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How Do I Get There? Ken received the Michael P. Klein faculty member of the year award inhis last year at Brophy.Guidance Services Mission Statement The proactive mission of the Escambia County Guidance Department is to provide comprehensive counseling services in K, reaching all aspects of education, to promote social-emotional development and academic achievement for .

Guidance Services supports all students in the NEISD community by providing counseling in academic, emotional and personal development. We focus on each student's potential for growth. Vision: At NEISD, our vision for all employees and students is to model warmth and compassion while pursuing our Tradition of Excellence.

Boylan Catholic High School is a Christ-Centered Community dedicated to the education of the whole person and committed to truth, service and academic excellence. Guidance Services | About. GUIDANCE FOR A RISK-BASED APPROACH FOR MONEY OR VALUE TRANSFER SERVICES.

Guidance Services

2 TABLE OF ACRONYMS. AML/CFT. Anti-money laundering / countering the financing of terrorism. Affinity Guidance Services offers Day Treatment (PHP) and Intensive Out-Patient Program (IOP) services for youth ages Affinity combines the healing of psychological counseling with the enabling power of life coaching, thus providing a truly customized, needs-based plan for each individual through the Positive Self-Management System.

Child Guidance offers Adult Services for anyone over the age of 21 in need of residential or social care. Our Adult Training Facility (ATF) provides Read More.

Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Program. What does a prevention program do? Prevention is the action of stopping something before happening or arising.

Affinity Guidance Services Inc.