Fp120 r6 investments worksheet 2

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Fp120 r6 investments worksheet 2

Background This administrative enforcement proceeding concerns allegations that respondent Hydramec, Inc. Staff commenced this proceeding by personal service of a notice of hearing and complaint on Gregg Shear, CEO of respondent Hydramec, Inc.

Staff requests that the Commissioner issue an order: On May 3,an adjudicatory hearing was held before the undersigned administrative law judge at the Region 9 offices of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation "Department"Michigan Ave. Counsel also submitted a proposed order.

See Hearing Transcript "Hearing Tr. Respondent's counsel acknowledged service of the notice of hearing and complaint, and acknowledged respondent's failure to serve an answer. Prior to opening statements at the adjudicatory hearing, counsel for respondent conceded liability, see Hearing Tr.

The hearing thereafter proceeded with respect to the issue of civil penalty for the admitted violations. Each side called one witness to testify: Eleven exhibits Fp120 r6 investments worksheet 2 entered into evidence. Findings of Fact 1. Respondent owns and operates a company that produces and manufactures tool parts, located at River Street, Scio, New York.

Respondent's manufacturing process involves zinc plating operations, which generate, among other things, filter press sludge.

Respondent generates approximately one cubic yard of sludge per year. Inrespondent contracted with Safety-Kleen to test the sludge to determine whether it should be characterized as hazardous waste and be disposed of accordingly. Safety-Kleen analyzed the sludge, and provided a total metals analysis with a December 11, letter that stated "Hazardous Waste Class: Given Safety-Kleen's analysis of the waste, staff believes there was no basis for respondent to question the analysis.

Based upon Safety-Kleen's characterization of the sludge waste as non-hazardous, respondent shipped approximately one cubic yard of the sludge for disposal each year as non-hazardous waste. Following Safety-Kleen's testing and characterization of respondent's sludge waste, respondent did not have its waste tested again until Respondent's manufacturing processes have remained substantially the same since Testimony of Kathleen Emery, Hearing Tr.

Based upon her review of the Safety-Kleen report, Ms. Emery expressed concern as to whether the testing data supported the determination that the sludge waste was non-hazardous.

Upon request of the Department, respondent arranged for sludge to be characterized pursuant to TCLP, and withheld shipment of sludge pending results of the test using a TCLP analysis.

Order, November 13, 2017

The sample was taken on November 25,the results were received in December and were forwarded to Ms. Emery in January The report of the testing of the sludge in reflected that chromium levels in the sludge were Based upon the results of the test of the sludge, respondent shipped waste sludge for disposal as hazardous waste.

According to respondent's president Gregg Shear, the company is in "significantly worse" financial shape in than it was in As of April 28,respondent owned shares of Snap-On Incorporated stock.

R8, Financial Statement of Hydramec, Inc.

Fp120 r6 investments worksheet 2

Respondent owns the real property at its facility located at River Street, Scio, New York and the manufacturing machinery in the building on the property.

There are no encumbrances against the real property owned by respondent, including but not limited to mortgages and liens, "other than the usual utility easements. Although RCRA is a comprehensive federal statutory and regulatory scheme, states retain the authority to regulate hazardous waste so long as the state's statutory and regulatory scheme is at least as stringent as the federal program, and the state's program is authorized by the federal Environmental Protection Agency "EPA".

New York has enacted its own statutory and regulatory scheme, see ECL article 27, title 9, intended to regulate the management of hazardous waste "in a manner consistent with" RCRA. As discussed above, respondent conceded liability on the record at the hearing. Thus, I am recommending that the Commissioner hold respondent liable for violating: As the parties agreed, the sole issue at the hearing related to the amount of the civil penalty sought by Department staff.Version Last Updated: 6/20/ School Construction Technology Checklist Guide (R6/R11) Ethernet (CAT 6 or Greater) Projector Printer(s) (Use separate sheet if needed or Excel worksheet) Does this Design Reduce Unmet Need?


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Hydramec, Inc. - Order, November 13, - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation