Enlighten moderation essay

By Pervez Musharraf washingtonpost The world has been going through a tumultuous period since the dawn of the s, with no sign of relief in sight. The suffering of the innocents, particularly my brethren in faith -- the Muslims -- at the hands of militants, extremists and terrorists has made it all the more urgent to bring order to this troubled scene.

Enlighten moderation essay

Enlighten moderation essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Enlightened Moderation Presented By: Enlightenment means to show a path to someone, whereas moderation means to tell the moderate path, i.

Enlightenment and moderation are not just two catchy expressions, these also denote some appealing notions. We will discuss this topic from three critical views. Social View Seen in this backdrop, it would sound strange if someone objects the current talk about Enlightened Moderation.

The problem is that what is being tried to foist today as enlightened moderation does not emanate from our own socio-cultural milieu, our own traditionvalues or requirements. It has special significance for world in general and Muslim world in particular whose politico-civilization map is being given a new contour and complexion.

If we see globally it becomes evident that this call for enlightened moderation is related directly to external pressures and demands.

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Political View The military, cultural, economic and more importantly politics have gained equal importance as any other factor. Its objective is not just to bring all the countries and nation under the political and military umbrella of only super power. It also impose on them a single value system intellectually, economically, financially and culturally.

Enlightenment moderation is being used as a pointer to eliminate Muslim culture and synchronize Muslim society with the western demands.

Such attempts have been made in the past and it has become the center stage at present. The brute forces like global politics and economic benefits have made waging a war very easy. This aspect of power getting others to want what you want I call soft power. Political View Continued For an effective implementation of this strategy the media has the pivotal role to play.

The main target of economic power is to bring change in ideas, values and cultural norms. This has been the real dilemma and the proposed solution is to propagate the strategy of enlightenment and moderation. Their prospects are of shaking Muslims by their foundations and baptizing them on the western lines.

Political view Continued Andrea lueg a German orient list says: The book refers to an article by J. The rise of militant Islam as triggered a fierce debate about what if anything the west can or should do about it.Oscar Wilder quoted “Moderation is a fatal thing.

Nothing succeeds like excess.” Oscar meant that moderation can destroy many of the creativity and evolution. Some people would think that moderation is a bad thing because it limits the creation of the new ideas for inventions.

Enlightened moderation is a term coined by a former Pakistani president, Pervez Musharraf; it applies to practicing a moderate Islam, as opposed to the interpretions of fundamentalist Islam.

To think properly as to rationalize thoughts, to be on the positive side of life and to prefer optimism, the theory goes, is to be against extremism.

The Playwrite Moliere and Moderation in the Neoclassical Age - One of the main themes of the neoclassical age was moderation.

Order, control, and reason were necessities of this period. Furthermore, you can also say that Karl Marx was a core believer of enlightenment moderation whose believes can be easily fitted in the contemporary society. Hence, you must first read the religion essay question thoroughly, if needed read it again and again.

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