Comparison of the roles of judges

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Comparison of the roles of judges

When hearing a case in court both magistrates and judges have to be unbiased and have no prejudices. They both have to make sure that no party is treated unfairly. Not only that but both parties must have a good sense of judgement and must be able to make sound decisions.

Although Judges and jurors do not have many similarities there are a few. For example, both the judge and jury in any case have to be unbiased and have no prejudices. Both judges and solicitors have to be legally qualified. When it comes to giving advice, judges and solicitors both do this role.

Judges advise the jury on points of law and what certain types of evidence to be aware of. Solicitors give advice to their clients on the chances of success of the case and on other legal issues. When it comes to the evidence presented in court the judge and barrister have the role of making sure that the jury is able to follow the evidence.

Another similarity between judges and barristers is that they both receive a salary unlike magistrates. The role of Jurors and Magistrates are similar in many ways.

A few examples of the similarities would be that both must be years old.

Comparison of the roles of judges

In addition to this, those who are in the police force or have previous criminal convictions are ruled out. Both magistrates and jurors are members of the public and do not get paid for going to court.

However, both can claim expenses for any earnings lost during the time they spent in court. Both parties make their decisions and verdicts on the facts presented to them. Not only this but both can decided whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty.

Both solicitors and magistrates are expected to have the legal qualities necessary to be able to deal with cases effectively. Solicitors and magistrates also carry out their roles in the Magistrates court. Barristers and magistrates are both allowed in a Magistrates Court. Another similarity magistrates and barristers have when is court is that they are both advised by people.

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Barristers however are advised and helped by solicitors. When solicitors are advocated to appear in court they will have to hear the evidence presented in the case. Juries also have to hear evidence presented in court as it is part of their role to make a guilty or not guilty verdict on what is shown to them.

When in court both juries and barristers have to hear the evidence of the case. In addition to this they both also are allowed to be in the higher courts such as the Crown Court. Moreover they can both appear in court, even though it is rare for a solicitor to do so.

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