Advertisement in fashion industry

These popular malls lure tourists and locals alike by offering much more than retail therapy. Chicago-area Woodfield prepped weeks before the Black Friday shopping blitz, debuting an Ice Palace with a light show and Santa photo-ops.

Advertisement in fashion industry

This world is for those who have good taste and know what style is. Jojo, a famous designer, used to be a woman who attracted everybody with her outfits.

When she appeared it was always a great surprise for the stuff which worked together with her. That was her life full of emotions and impressions while she was walking along the runway. But things usually change through the course of time and as Jojo had to bring up her daughter she somehow lost her positions in that world of glistening clothes and fashion events.

The woman who has always been a master of mixing and matching styles forgot her achievements of a designer and spent time taking care of her child.

It seemed that fashion industry had lost its legend forever. Nothing is so bad! Little girl has grown up, now she is 20 and she is ambitious and creative enough to give her mother the second chance to show who the real queen is!

Now Rosalind assisting her mother will help her to come back to the once forgotten world. This will be her first great steps in the world of fashion.Sep 07,  · Explore the latest fashion trends and fashion news on Vogue.

Celebrity photos, trend updates and catwalk photos on Taste-makers predict the biggest fashion trends of , plus name the trends that are so last year.

Edwardian fashion refers to the clothing worn in the early 20th century and features an elegant, mature look for women, created around the S . From playing the dual role of mischievous Michelle on Full House to building an entertainment—and now, fashion—empire, we've been hooked on the Olsen sisters since day one.

Now, to celebrate. Many of the designs at New York City’s recent Fashion Week certainly looked futuristic–think metallics and extreme eyeliner–but the fashion industry will have to do better than that if it. Not all resistance-fueled actions are created equal, of course, but a brand-new report from Greenpeace suggests that the right kind of fashion-related activism actually can make a difference.


Advertisement in fashion industry
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