Accounting 101 ecc

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Accounting 101 ecc

Functions much in the same way as a General Ledger Account. Secondary cost elements do not have corresponding General Ledger account or an account that tracks the internal movement of those costs.

Examples of secondary cost elements are: Cost elements for internal activity allocation.

Accounting 101 ecc

Cost elements for order settlement. A tree-like structure that represents the organization and all of it organizational groups. Once the standard hierarchy is built, cost centers are created and assigned to groups within the hierarchy. The hierarchy consists of all cost centers within the system for a given period, and therefore represents the entire organization.

A type of internal order that displays a parallel view of costs. Costs collected on statistical internal orders cannot be settled. A posting to a statistical internal order occurs as a result of a real posting to a cost object such as a cost center.

The statistical posting to the internal order is an entry that occurs parallel to the real posting made to another object. The advantage of using a statistical internal order is the real costs are posted to the cost center using the primary cost element.

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Accounting 101 ecc

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