A review of foreign aid isnt charity its an investment an article by charles kenny

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A review of foreign aid isnt charity its an investment an article by charles kenny

It's a bit of a long article, but I hope a reasonably diverting one. Cheers, Der Wohltemperierte Fuchs talk Article size gives 10, words of prose as the upper bound of acceptable article length, and says an article is getting too long when the prose would be 10 pages printed out.

It just seems like the length here is beyond what an encyclopedia article should be I can't imagine many people could really read this in one go. Good article, but should perhaps be broken down into smaller articles that the main article summarizes.

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The "Production" section seems particularly massive--perhaps a separate article on the Production of Star Trek: The Motion Picture is in order? IARdirects us to support that definitiveness and to support further such efforts over length guidelines. Is this article long, l-o-n-g, extremely long?

A review of foreign aid isnt charity its an investment an article by charles kenny

Is it too long? I'm not prepared to say so. Can it be profitably trimmed?

Charles, Prince of Wales - Wikipedia

Does it a priori need to be trimmed? I'll have much more to say about this superb article over the next couple weeks--this article needs no encouragement and anyway, I recently learned my lesson with another film article candidate here that encouragement may breed nothing more than complacency ; it merely yearns for perfection.

Here's my initial issue--referring in the main text to the film by its very generic sounding subtitle, The Motion Picture, just does not work. I've checked several general reference works--it's not easy to find coverage of this film that gives the title more than once 'cause, it's, you know, a boring film that lazy critical types don't want to linger on too long: Nor can I think of any other movie that is conventionally referred to by a generic subtitle.

If there are human beings out there who actually walk around calling this motion picture The Motion Picture It seems to me there are three better choices: Star Trek which would require careful consideration of contextual phrasing to avoid confusionStar Trek: The Motion Picture which is l-o-n-g, but could work if the text was edited to eliminate a share of the existing direct title referencesor Star Trek: TMP which is the oddest-looking, but better than what we currently have and the easiest concise substitution.

A review of foreign aid isnt charity its an investment an article by charles kenny

Anyone who wants to suggest ST: TMP, it's definitely past your bedtime. I look forward to delving deeper into this article, but I'd like to see this matter--which obviously arises throughout the piece--addressed first.

Also, it's been the practice on all the other Star Trek films to used their subtitled names only The Undiscovered Country, First Contact, The Wrath of Khan, et also the nomenclature here is just in keeping with that.

Considering that in other articles where it's not clear which Star Trek we're referring to, we have to do something like that anyhow, I figure it works.

The more important fact is I can't find a single high-quality source that refers to the film in this peculiar fashion. There's a reason for this discrepancy: The other films in the series, until the most recent, are sequels. The Motion Picture, the distinctive identity of each is borne not by the primary title, but by the subtitle.

Private Giving to Developing Countries Vastly Exceeds U.S. Foreign Aid, Study Finds | News | PND

The Motion Picture is plainly different as a name. The pursuit of consistency has led you astray here. Standard practice on Wikipedia is to refer to subjects with the name by which they are commonly known in the English language.

If more than one name or version of a name is commonly used, we have a choice. That choice here would essentially be between Star Trek and Star Trek: This article defies that standard practice for no compelling reason.

Featured Articles are supposed to feature "professional standards of writing [and] presentation. I'm not seeing how. The Magazine and Cinefantastiquefor example, were two sources that used The Motion Picture that I came across in my research, so to say it's not used is simply false."A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and US and foreign businessmen with close social ties to Washington's political elite, documents obtained by The Washington Times reveal.

The Charity Commission, the regulator of charities in England and Wales, has issued a regulatory alert to charities involved in foreign aid. This entry was posted in Corporate & Restructuring and tagged business, charity, charity commission, foreign aid, fundraising, Review our cookies and change your cookie settings.

Main article: Charles, Prince of Wales, bibliography The Prince of Wales is an author of several books reflecting his own interests.

He has also contributed a foreword or preface to books by other writers and has also written, presented and has been featured in documentary films. Private Giving to Developing Countries Vastly Exceeds U.S.

Foreign Aid, Study Finds April 20, The total amount of private U.S.

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charitable assistance to the developing world is more than a three and a half times larger than U.S. government foreign aid, a new report from the D.C.-based Hudson Institute's Center for Global Prosperity finds. Focusing on these reviews and related documents, this article will investigate the ways in which Cather's work served the BOMC and how the BOMC served Cather, helping to make her a "cultural icon." The club sold thousands of her books to its members, and its reviews provided those early subscribers, many of whom were first-time readers of Cather, with a lens through which to read her work.

Foreign Aid Isn't Charity. It’s an Investment Charles Kenny denies that foreign aid is simply a charity act in his article Foreign Aid Isn’t Charity.

It’s an Investment () and wishes to make readers look deeper into than the giving of aid to focus on the effects after.

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